I recommend Forensic Home Inspections for anyone planning on purchasing a home.  We called Forensic Home Inspections last year to inspect the home we were interested in purchasing.  The inspector arrived on time and was very professional. Our home inspection report was emailed to us within 24 hours of the inspection and the home inspection report was very detailed with supporting photo documentation.   We definitely recommend Forensic Home Inspections.



I am a Real Estate Broker in Georgia and I highly recommend Forensic Home Inspections to all my prospective clients. The last thing you want to hear after the closing is that there was a problem with the house. When my clients call Forensic Home Inspections I know that if there are issues with the house they will be discovered. They also have software that provides historical data on the home such as the year built, past permits, age of the roof along with other details that helps with the accuracy of the inspection.

Jeff Kirves
Broker, Performance Realty

​​I am a realtor in Atlanta Georgia and my experience with Forensic Home Inspections was very positive. My client was in the process of closing on a new purchase, however discovered mold in the crawl space. My client had the mold remediated however we needed verification that the mold was properly removed and the timing was crucial because we already had a closing date. I recommended to my client that he call Forensic Home Inspections. They were very accommodating and professional. They came out to the house and performed the needed testing where we had the results back within a week. I recommend any one making such an investment to call Forensic Home Inspections.

Nancy Crim

My experience with Forensic Home Inspections was great. Earlier this year I was in the process of purchasing a residential home as an investment property. Prior to closing I called Forensic Home Inspections for an inspection on the property. During the inspection they discovered moisture behind one of the walls and upon further examination they discovered that a copper pipe was split open spraying water occasionally on the walls and floors. This could have been a costly repair had Forensic not discovered it.  Within 24 hours of the inspection I had my report in hand along with recommendations. I advise anyone making such an investment to call the experts at Forensic!




Forensic Home Inspections